Collect Jewels while you use your ATICO Jewels Platinum Credit Card when you visit any of ATICO Fakhreldin Group

All ATICO Platinum Credit Card holders Baguette, Marquise and Brilliant are able to collect Jewels


Jewels will be collected with every Jordanian dinar spent on any invoice issued by any of the ATICO Fakhreldin Group outlets or through the delivery service


Activate your ATICO Jewels Platinum Credit Card at INVEST Bank


Get 2% cash back on your credit card from your local, international or electronic purchases


Collect 2% extra Jewels when you pay with your card at any of the selected ATICO Fakhreldin Group stores


Enjoy the installment of your purchases up to 9 months at 0% interest, in addition to travel benefits including access to 26 VIP Lounges at various airports, insurance coverage and many other benefits


To benefit from ATICO Jewels Platinum Credit Card in cooperation with INVEST Bank

Call:  0799011980