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About Kebab Express

The Kebab Express concept was created one fine day, during lunchtime at Fakhr-El Din Restaurant, Amman. ATICO Fakhreldin Group, CEO, Mr. Essam Fakhriddin, had a meeting at the restaurant and didn’t have time to have a full course meal. He wanted to eat something that could be served fast, so he asked the creative Chef for suggestions. As a result, two quick sandwiches of shish taouk and kebab, pickles and a tasty drink of Laban were served. As Mr. Fakhriddin began eating, it occurred to him that it was very simple indeed! "Why don’t we start making these kind of sandwiches all the time and who says fast food can’t be healthy?!"

This novel idea, to the Arabic food marketplace in Jordan, sprang to life and Kebab Express a healthy fast food eatery with a menu inspired particularly by all the delicious varieties on Fakhr-El Din Restaurant’s menu was created. Kebab Express’s delicious healthy and fresh food is a true manifestation that fast food can truly be healthy.

Kebab Express menu comprises of carefully selected popular items from Fakhr-El Din Restaurant’s own menu. It incorporates over forty items varying from healthy sandwiches made from shish taouk, shukaf or kebab selections. It also includes hot and cold salads and mezza, such as the famous homos, tabbouleh and kubbeh. There are delicious boneless grilled chicken, mixed grills, a variety of kebab grills and sandwich combo meals and platters with dessert. The ingredients are made of the highest quality of fresh and organic produce, guaranteeing that neither additives nor preservatives were added.

Kebab Express has three outlets in different prime locations; an independent free - standing restaurant, located at Sweifieh, and two other outlets located at Amman's high-end malls.

Kebab Express is Part of ATICO Fakhreldin Group, a Jordanian holding company operating in multi-service hospitality management. Since its inception, (the acquisition and redevelopment of what is now a world-class boutique hotel), the group has expanded its reach and core business to encompass over 14 renowned restaurants, cafés and pubs, offering international cuisines, a catering service, and an events management company, in Jordan and the Middle East.

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