ATICO Fakhreldin Group Honors Amman Municipality Workers

ATICO Fakhreldin Group continues its strong social responsibility and solid collaboration with the public sector and various organizations with its yearly contribution and commitment during several occasions. This year, ATICO Fakhreldin Group, grabbed the opportunity to host an Iftar for the Municipality workers, which was held at “ Kebab Express Sweifieh” during the last week of the Holy month of Ramadan. This special Iftar celebrated the importance of the Workers’ jobs and their great efforts to ensure that our City is kept clean. Heads of Departments and several ATICO Fakhreldin Group staff and team members attended the Iftar and were glad to share this special Iftar with the dedicated Workers. ATICO Fakhreldin Group also handed out individually packed grocery parcels and a box of Eid pastry as a gifts for Eid Al Fitr, so that that they may share and enjoy it with their families. This contribution comes in line with ATICO Fakhreldin Group’s constant dedication and commitment to its obligation and duty towards the less fortunate in the community.

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