Kebab Express Iftar to Dar Al Aman Centre for Child Abuse, Ramadan 2011

Kebab Express strives to engage in special opportunities that help enliven the lives of young ones yearly and especially during the Holy Month of Ramadan, 2011. 
This year’s contributions, donations, supported initiatives and organizations focused on underserved children such as Madrasati and Dar Al Aman Centre for Child Abuse. 
”Kebab Express iftar meals were given to the youngsters at Dar Al Aman, supported by the Madrasati initiative. It is always so rewarding to be able to do put a smile on the children’s faces.” says Ms. Abeer Fakhriddin, CSRO. 
Kebab Express, is an Arabic fast food outlet with a vibrant feel and delicious healthy food is a true manifestation that fast food can be healthy. Its menu offers over forty items varying from cold and hot starters, cold and hot sandwiches, hot grills and dessert. 
The menu’s diversity has been carefully selected from Fakhr-El Din Restaurant’s popular items. 
Kebab Express is located in Sweifieyh, City Mall’s food court and in Taj lifestyle center Abdoun.

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